Past Projects


Post-Secondary Student Indoor Nature Design Competition (2015 – 2016)

The design challenge aimed to develop creative solutions by the innovative thinking of participants about indoor natural environments in the areas of urban planning, interior design, environmental science, agriculture, and construction sectors. Using the principles of biophilic design and biomimicry, participants designed a large, multi-purpose space to facilitate the use of a VIGA system by the general public and vendors. There were five prizes for the best overall design, best green interior design, best floor layout, best occupant design experience, and most innovative design.


105 Gibson Indoor Vertical Farm Establishment (2017)

Our Indoor Vertical Farm at the Gibson Community Center was completed and operational in 2017, since then we have used it to refine and improve our indoor farm technology. These improvements mean than we can experiment and make our farms better. This project also donates its produce grown during our work with the farm to a food farm.


Doors Open Markham: 105 Gibson Indoor Vertical farm (2017 – 2018)

In 2017 and 2018 we participated in a program called Doors Open Markham with the Gibson Community Center. We aimed to help the community better understand both nature and our VIGA system better. With this, we hoped to better inform the community about both ourselves and the Gibson Community Center more generally.


105 Gibson Indoor Vertical Farm Organic Certification (2018)

In 2018 we received our organic certification for our indoor vertical farming system, this certification allows us to demonstrate that our products produce organic, healthy, fresh food. By certifying that our product produces organic foods we allow users to confidently and safely produce food while avoiding GMOs and pesticides.


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First New Horizon for Seniors Program (2019)

In late 2018 we applied for a grant New Horizon for Seniors Program to help fund one of our community projects. This project ran in 2019 and aimed to improve the mental, social, and physical wellbeing of seniors through volunteerism and the mentoring of others. To do this we developed a volunteering and mentorship program using the indoor farm to engage seniors in caring for the Gibson Indoor farm as well as participating in mentoring new generation of indoor gardeners. Senior volunteers were encouraged and trained to mentor the newer gardeners.