Ongoing Project

We are currently running a series of workshops to educate adults and seniors on the topics of the environment, climate change, and health. These workshops are hosted in the Gibson Community Center in Markham.  To find out more please check out our 'ongoing projects tab!

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Finished Project

Our Indoor Vertical Farm at the Gibson Community Center was completed and operational in 2017, since then we have used it to refine and improve our indoor farm technology. These improvements mean than we can experiment and make our farms better. This project also donates its produce grown during our work with the farm to a local food bank.

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Coming Soon

Check back with this section find out more about what projects we have planned and how to get involved!

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Innovating Natural Solutions to Modern Problems

The Nature Harmony Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to promoting, facilitating, and empowering effective stewardship of the earth. This foundation aims to transform our communities into nurturing places, with less harmful chemicals in our atmosphere, water, and food. In order to do so our we offer educational workshops and seminars, services, innovative research, and an environmental internal design challenge which focuses on bringing nature indoors in a sustainable and life-enhancing way. Our activities are based on the five ‘R’’s: reduce energy consumption, rethink waste treatment, rebuild ecological resources, reinvent interior design, and revive indoor air quality.