The Nature Harmony Institute is a non-profit organization committed to promoting, facilitating, and empowering effective stewardship of the earth.  Our goal is to transform our communities into nurturing places, with less harmful chemicals in our atmosphere, water, and food.  Nature Harmony Institute does this by offering educational workshops and seminars, community services, innovative research, and public engagement focused on bringing nature indoors in a sustainable and life-enhancing way.

Please join us in our vision of a healthy and sustainable natural environment.

Nature Harmony’s activities are based on 5 ‘R’s:

Reduce Resource Consumption
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
Rebuild Ecological Resources
  • Outdoor farming
  • Indoor farming
Revive Indoor Air Quality
  • Air purification plants
  • Pollutant source control
Rethink Waste Treatment
  • Garbage reduction
  • Garbage recycling
Reinvent Interior Design
  • Indoor nature design
  • Nature harmonized lifestyle