About Us

Our Mission

To promote, facilitate, and empower effective stewardship of the earth.



Planet Earth is home to an average of 8.7 million species and 7 billion humans. As our home, we depend on the Earth to provide us with the necessary materials to survive and thrive. But what are we doing with our home, what is its future and the future of its inhabitants?

Troubled by these questions, our founder, Phil Fung, created Nature Harmony for the purpose of being a hub for people who understand the value of our environment and the need to take care of it. Applying Nature Based Solutions to our projects, we aim to develop our community through nature inspired design and solutions. We know that nature has the solution to a lot of the current problems in the world, and if we look to it for answers we will receive the help we need. Our mission is to make a change in our communities by educating and applying self-sustainable practices in every home and organization.

We believe that as we learn to sustain ourselves and our communities, we will lighten the load we place on our environment and bring our community closer to solving social justice issues surrounding food scarcity. The future depends on us and the practices that we adopt now to take care of it.

Do something for Earth. Do something for your neighbour. Do something for yourself.

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