Our Approach

We partner with local organizations to curb the rising food scarcity and homelessness in the GTA.

By sharing our knowledge, tools and skills with those around us we know that we can move closer to creating a self- sustainable community. With limited space within the city, and winter limitations it's difficult for people to have or grow their own produce year-round. That's why our primary focus is on developing indoor food systems and teaching people how to grow indoors.

We believe that as more of these systems are adopted into our community, the more self-sustainable we will be. Through self- sustainability, we will focus less on imports and destructive farming systems that endanger people and species everyday.

Meet our Partners


105 Gibson CenterĀ 

The Gibson Center first allowed us to design, built and operated our Biome! With them we were able to have a fully functioning aquaponics facility, where we hosted introductory seminars on biodiversity and conducted weekly vertical gardening courses.

In addition to being a community center, the Gibson Center also functions as a food bank for some of Markham's vulnerable population. The resources we have grown in the biome have been used in the preparation of meals by their food bank.