Nature Therapy

History has shown that human beings created their habitats as a response to the environments that they lived in. With the advancement of technology and the rise in globalization,  more people are seeing the need to live in saturated urban settings. The shift in living has made it so that people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Although urbanization has many benefits, it has also been associated with increasing levels of mental illness, including depression.

The world and the environment that we presently live in cause our brains to work overtime and to roll over ideas and worry. Studies have shown that exposure to nature provides long-term benefits and help get us out of our heads.

In the hyper-urban world to come, designing accessible, safe greenspaces may help the mental health of the population, and preserving our natural landscapes to be enjoyed by our descendants will continue to be a national imperative. In the mean time, Nature Harmony offers programs specialized for all ages meant to provide them with the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Working alongside seniors homes, community centers and rehabilitation programs we work towards getting more of the under served, and vulnerable populations exposed to nature regardless of limitations. Not only do we host outdoor activities but also find ways to bring nature indoors.