Nature-Based Learning

Nature based seminars and workshops! We know, nature-based? We believe that the times we learn and remember most are when we get off our chairs and did something practical and real. Whether we were building paper-mache volcanoes, making potato clocks or playing with cornstarch and water, the opportunity to be hands-on and see for ourselves how the world works makes the lessons far more enjoyable and memorable.

It can be difficult to teach abstract concepts, especially if they're completely foreign to us. Self-sustainability isn't taught in our formal educational systems, and requires us to be open-minded to learning new techniques that will push us beyond our comfort zones. An experiential platform can help demonstrate how natural phenomenon's occur, in a way that captures the interest of the individual. We offer workshops and seminars for organizations, community centers, and schools. Our goal is to teach practical and essential concepts to individuals to apply in their everyday lives.

As we understand the way the Earth functions we will come to respect its re-generation process, and look to it for guidance as we earn how to co-exist with others as it does with us.  As we do so, we will view issues surrounding food scarcity and homelessness different. We will challenge old community models, and together embark on a journey to create a new, sustainable future.


  • Better engagement through experiential learning
  • In-depth learning with emerging classroom technologies
  • Better understanding of systems
  • Integrated understanding of a variety of STEM topics

Nature Harmony offers resources in various education levels including elementary, secondary, and post-secondary. Each level is provided with well-integrated and structured curriculums that ensure the learning criteria for that education level is achieved. Curriculums are designed to have strong relation with bio-inspired products from the partnered company, HiGarden, to supply a hands-on and direct experience to the audience. This system-based approach to learning gives the opportunity to do thorough observation and formal study to result in a fully immersive and connective learning experience.


The curriculums are organized into chapters and segments that incorporate theories and concepts that will be studied. Specific questions are provided to prompt engagement and to highlight important details for consideration.