The design challenge aims to foster creative solutions and innovative thinking about indoor natural environments from the future leaders in urban planning, interior design, environmental science, agriculture, and construction sectors. Using the principles of biophilic design and biomimicry, participants will design a large multi-purpose space to facilitate the use of Vertical Indoor Garden and Aquaculture (VIGA™) for the general public, community members, and vendors.


What is VIGA™?

VIGA™ is a design concept brings the natural ecosystem into indoor environments so that inhabitants may enjoy efficient, clean organic food production, increased air quality, wastewater treatment, interactive learning, and much-need nature therapy. It is comprised  of three modules: a wetland and vermiculture component, hydroponic gardens, and an aquatic environment. These modules are stacked vertically, so that their health, educational, and aesthetic benefits may be enjoyed with high space efficiency.

VIGA™ brings its occupants closer to nature and sustainable living. It applies the concepts of biophilia, biomimicry and closed-loop ecosystems to produce a positive effect on its users. To bring this regenerative , the system can be implemented in large-scale facilities such as VIGALand™.


The Design Challenge

This year's Life to Buildings™ challenge is to design a VIGALand™ facility that incorporates nine (9) different components:
•       VIGA™ Rental
•       VIGA™ Farm
•       Nature Garden
•       Market
•       Café
•       Education Centre
•       VIGA™ Showroom and Design Centre
•       Storage, Processing, Handling & Packaging.
•       VIGA™ Vendor Booths


Additional details can be downloaded here (PDF). Specific requirements are included in the design brief package, which will be emailed upon registration.



Best Overall Design$2000
Best Green Interior Design$500
Best Floor Layout Design$500
Best Occupant Experience Design$500
Most Innovative Design$500


November 1st, 2016First Day of Registration
April 14th, 2017Last Day to Register
February 1st, 2017First Day to Submit Design Entries
April 14th, 2017Last Day to Submit Design Entries
May 8th, 2017Finalists Announced