Current Projects

Environmental, Climate Change, and Health Workshops to Adults and Seniors

         We are currently running a series of workshops to educate adults and seniors on the topics of the environment, climate change, and health. These workshops are hosted in the Gibson Community Center in Markham.  Environmental workshops help to teach participants how to interact with and preserve our environment, teaching them to live in an environmentally friendly way. Our climate change workshops help participants to understand and increase their knowledge of the subject. Additionally, participants learn about activism and other ways to combat climate change. Our health workshops work to teach participants how to lead healthy lifestyles. Our experienced and well-trained instructors will support and teach students throughout the workshops to achieve their goals and encourage increased awareness and engagement in the community.

Indoor Farming Community Classes

Our Indoor Farming classes are a four-week course teaching participants how to grow produce and create their own indoor farm at home! We will teach you to use a unique method of farming that is a self-contained, natural, water-based ecosystem farm designed to grow herbs, veggies, and fish (optional) indoors; this allows for year-round growing and harvesting.

For more information or to register please see the front desk of the Gibson Community Center. Alternatively, you can contact us on our Get Involved page to learn more.


Donating Indoor Farm Produce to Food Banks

The produce from our indoor farm is donated to a local food bank to help provide fresh, healthy food for the community. We work to give back to our community in any way we can. It can be difficult, especially for limited-income families, to purchase organic and healthy food. Donating our produce allows underprivileged members of our community to have access to healthy food that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive for them to purchase.